August 2017
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Engage. Practice Wellness

Engaging in Practice Wellness can lead to better lifestyle choices, which in turn lead to a healthier population. The sooner you begin creating a culture where employees want to be well, the faster your practice can reap the rewards of healthy people and a healthy practice.

Let’s work together to create a healthier future for your employees and your practice. Want to learn more? Check out this video outlining the NCMS Plan’s Practice Wellness initiative.

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Practice Wellness Personal

Practice Wellness Personal is designed to support healthcare professionals with best in class counseling, life coaching and digital content unlocking emotional, mental, physical and financial wellness. Practice Wellness Personal is available to NCMS Plan members at no additional charge.

The program includes:

• Telephone support (24 hours a day/7 days a week) at 800-248-6615
• Three face-to-face counseling sessions
• Articles, recordings, quick links, and podcasts to support employee well-being
• Discounts and deals for many products that you may already buy

"We are very excited that the NCMS Plan has added the Practice Wellness Personal Program. This is a wonderful resource we can offer at no charge to assist employees with issues or concerns that affect overall well-being. This program offers support for a large majority of daily and life challenges. It is easy to use and has valuable content. I consider it an integral part of our benefit package."

Joni Brantley, Director of Business Operations, Nash OB-GYN Associates, P.A.

Encourage employees to sign up today for this highly valued well-being benefit. For additional information on how Practice Wellness Personal can benefit your employees or if you have specific questions about this new benefit, contact Jason Horay.


The Adventure Within

Inside all of us, an adventure into real health and well-being awaits. Are you one who challenges cultural norms by writing your own rules or one who experiences adventure by chance or through trial and error? The paths in this world aren’t well known and often undiscovered. There are many ways forward, most of which require a good deal of time, effort, expertise and a desire to exercise your own personal environmental well-being.

According to the University of California at Riverside, environmental well-being is living in harmony with the Earth by understanding the impact of your interaction with nature, your personal environment, and taking actions to protect the world around you. This past April, my family and I traveled to California and experienced so many breath-taking sights of Yosemite National Park, the Coastal Highway (U.S. 1) and Muir Woods. I was reminded of the number of different aspects of my own personal and societal responsibilities, including being more aware of the natural resources and truly realizing the effects of my daily habits and how they could have an impact on the world around me today and my children’s lives tomorrow.

I continued to challenge Caden and Cole (my two sons) to think about these ideas and how we could collectively be better stewards of the environment. As a family, we learned many aspects of environmental education including invasive species, soundscapes, light and air pollution, fire and climate. It was a spectacular time to be together and to learn how to respect the environment on a much different level than we have before. We also learned how important it was to keep your food in the “bear lockers” and the consequence if you didn’t follow this rule.

Below are some more examples of how to increase your environmental well-being:

• Encourage others to bring their own silverware, plates and cups in order to cut back on plastic and Styrofoam used at the practice.
• If the budget allows, provide a reusable water bottle to cut back on plastic water bottles. These could also be used as promotional items within the practice’s wellness program.

In the Community:
• Participate in local clean up days to give back to the community and environment.
• Attend town hall meetings to support environmentally friendly initiatives.

With your Family:
• Recycle
• Walk/bike instead of driving when going short distances
• Express gratitude to those whose work supports the community of which you are part.

For well-being to flourish, individuals, practices, and communities need to collaborate in making good health a shared value. Creating a culture of health, which supports environmental well-being involves prioritizing and promoting these ideas.


The NCMS Plan’s Enhanced Nutrition Benefit

The NCMS Plan has made dedicated efforts to improve the health and wellness of its members with nutrition resources. To further enhance this benefit, we have partnered with Total Nutrition Technology (TNT). TNT’s comprehensive approach addresses the entire individual and their needs. They start with an extensive interview and evaluation assessment. This is followed by a custom-built nutrition plan and exercise guidelines ensuring it fits both the member’s lifestyle and dietary objectives.
Members will receive a resting metabolic rate (RMR) assessment ($15 charge). This non-invasive procedure takes only 10 minutes and will give immediate and accurate results on how to further individualize the member’s nutrition journey. TNT also offers our practices customized skill building workshops, healthy cooking classes, in home food/pantry prep and grocery store tours. As a NCMS Plan participating practice, most TNT services provided to your covered employees by Registered Dietitians are 100% covered by the NCMS Plan.

To get started on your practice's healthier journey and to understand what is available in your area, complete the Needs Assessment Form and you will be personally contacted by a TNT specialist to outline a nutrition journey that is customized for your practice.


Practice Wellness Checkup

As a Practice Administrator, do you ever find yourself asking, “how engaged and committed are my employees to changing unhealthy behaviors?” Wouldn’t you find it helpful to know whether your employees are getting preventive screenings, completing the health assessment or engaging in Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less? Would you like help communicating the NCMS Plan benefits that will assist employees in being more physically active, eating a more nutritious diet, quitting tobacco or losing weight?

The NCMS Plan supports Practice Administrators and offers innovative solutions that meet the needs of your employees—from those who are healthy or at low risk for disease, to those working to manage chronic conditions. Practice Wellness Checkup is a comprehensive report highlighting important & specific health promotion and utilization metrics and connects the programs and benefits that address those specific needs. See a sample report outlining well-being factors, disease management opportunities and pharmaceutical costs. The report is aggregate data and will not identify specific individual’s health information or medical condition.

Contact Jason Horay to schedule your Checkup to fully understand the risks of an unwell employee population. Together, we can manage those risks and mobilize members to achieve all the elements of true health: a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing.


Wellness in the News

The Right Culture: Not About Employee Happiness
Creating a great practice culture that has star employees isn't about making employees happy or content. Organizations have more success with engagement and improve business performance when they treat employees as stakeholders of their own future and the company's future. Need help aligning well-being with your business strategy to improve overall practice culture? The NCMS Plan is here to help. Contact Jason Horay

More Americans Suffering from Stress, Anxiety and Depression, Study Finds
More Americans than ever before are stressed, depressed and anxiety-ridden, and many are unable to get the help they need, a new study suggests. The NCMS Plan’s, Practice Wellness Personal, is here to support healthcare professionals with best in class counseling, life coaching and digital content unlocking emotional, mental, physical and financial wellness.

A Healthy Lifestyle Doesn't Guarantee a Long Life, but It Will Add Life to Your Years
The idea that we can control our health destinies based on how we eat, exercise and live is an enticing one, especially in our risk-averse society. The NCMS Plan would like to highlight YOU in a future edition of CONNECTIONS! Are you working on living a life that is fulfilled in all dimensions of well-being? Are you making it a priority to eat nutritiously and exercise regularly? Share your story with me Jason Horay!

The latest employee wellness trend? Financial health help
Many practices already have tobacco cessation and physical activity challenges on their radars when it comes to employee wellness programming. The concept behind well-being is to enable employees to meet their goals rather than tell them what they need to do. It’s hard to engage employees on addressing health needs if they are struggling with managing a budget, putting food on the table or managing debt. Practice Wellness Personal supports members through the MONEY section highlighting information on budgeting, financial emergencies, home buying and renting, taxes, debt and savings.