June 2014

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COBRA Rates Updated With Ceridian Upon Renewal
SBCs, Highlights and Forms Available at ncmsplan.com
Voluntary Benefits: Participation Expected to Grow
Health Care Reform Employer Checklist
Ask George
Wellness Council of America President to Speak to NCMS Plan Practices: August 7th
Jason Horay, Health Promotion Coordinator, Selected for CDC Workplace Wellness Training

COBRA Rates Updated With Ceridian Upon Renewal

If your practice is subject to COBRA with COBRA administration provided by Ceridian, we will automatically send updated NCMS Plan rates to Ceridian upon your renewal. COBRA rates take a few weeks to update, so the sooner your practice makes its renewal decision, the sooner we can send new rates to Ceridian. Rate changes can be delayed a continuant billing cycle if your renewal is submitted late.

If you have any questions about COBRA rates or Ceridian COBRA administration, please contact Rachel Eaton at rachel.eaton@mmicnc.com.


SBCs, Highlights and Forms Available at ncmsplan.com

For your convenience, we provide a multitude of NCMS Plan related documents on our website, ncmsplan.com. Documents available include SBCs and highlights for all current health products, and forms for both the employer and employee. If you have trouble navigating the website or have feedback, please let us know.


Voluntary Benefits: Participation Expected to Grow

In addition to NCMS Plan products, MMIC Agency offers a wide range of voluntary benefit offerings to better meet the personal insurance needs of your employees. Through our relationship with Colonial Life, we can address potential gaps in your benefit programs and provide more competitive voluntary benefits at no direct cost to your practice.

To see if you are getting the most value out of your voluntary benefit program or to help you understand the role voluntary benefits could play in your practice, please complete this brief survey.

Voluntary benefits are the fastest-growing segment of the employee benefits market. Employees need financial protection now more than ever. Voluntary benefits enable employers to reduce their benefit costs and still provide employees the coverage they need.

With Colonial Life's voluntary products and services, you have:

- The ability to offer employees a broader, more competitive benefits package at no direct cost to you. Your medical practice can have access to Colonial Life's broad platform of quality life insurance, disability insurance, accident insurance, specified disease insurance for critical illness and cancer, and more.

- Favorable underwriting guidelines not readily available in the traditional voluntary benefits market.

- Simple, personalized benefits communication and enrollment services for your core and voluntary benefit offerings through Colonial Life's electronic enrollment system.

- Personal, one-on-one benefits counseling sessions with each of your employees, to help them better understand the benefits available to them, as well as where they may need more protection for their individual situation.

- Flexible benefit offerings, tailored to each employee's individual needs and budget.

To schedule an appointment with a representative or to learn more, please contact Barry Hill, Director of Sales and Marketing at (919) 878-7576 or barry.hill@mmicnc.com.


Health Care Reform Employer Checklist

For the most part, full implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is here and practices need to understand their obligations under the law. The NCMS Plan is pleased to provide this online ‘at-a-glance’ checklist that can assist you in understanding your responsibilities to your employees and the impact of the ACA on the NCMS Plan. The checklist summarizes compliance issues from W-2 reporting to Flexible Spending Account Limits to Wellness Programs.

If you have questions about the ACA and the NCMS Plan, contact your NCMS Plan agent or call us at (800) 662-7917.


Ask George

Question: George, We have group dental insurance with MetLife through the NCMS Plan. We hired a new employee February 2, 2014, who is subject to our 90-day probationary period. This employee signed and submitted a dental enrollment on May 8, 2014, and was informed by MetLife that they are considered a "late entrant" subject to coverage waiting periods. Why is this employee considered a "late entrant"?

Answer: MetLife requires that all new hires either accept or decline the dental benefits within 31 days of their hire date, regardless of the date they may be actually eligible. In this circumstance, your employee would need to have submitted the signed enrollment by March 5, 2014 to be considered a timely enrollee not subject to a late entrant penalty.

If you have questions about MetLife enrollment or eligibility, MetLife Employer Service can be reached at (800) 488-8757. And, as always, you can contact me directly with an inquiry at (919) 878-7561 or george.fanelli@mmicnc.com.


Wellness Council of America President to Speak to NCMS Plan Practices: August 7th

The NCMS Plan is honored to have Ryan Picarella, President of Wellness Council of America deliver this exclusive webinar free to NCMS Plan practices. Register today!

The New Science of Stress: 5 Things You Can Do Today To Reduce The Harmful Effects of Stress

Thursday, August 7
12:00 to 12:45 p.m.

As stress levels continue to rise so do their harmful effects on individuals and organizations. New research suggests that the damage stress can cause is even more harmful than previously thought. The good news is that the damage can be reduced and in some cases reversed by practicing several simple exercises each day.

The NCMS Plan is pleased to welcome Ryan Picarella, President of Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) as part of the continued Practice Wellness webinar series designed to assist practice managers with effectively planning, developing, implementing, and measuring a successful wellness program.

During this exclusive opportunity for NCMS Plan members, Ryan will discuss stress and what can be done on an individual level and how you can assist others in your practice master these techniques to avoid the negative health effects.

As WELCOA’s new President, Ryan brings immense knowledge and insight from his career that
spans over a decade in the health and wellness industry. He is a national speaker, healthcare
consultant, and has designed and executed award winning wellness programs. Ryan is well known for his innovative and pragmatic approach to worksite wellness.

All registrants will be entered to win a $25 VISA gift card.

Register now!

Jason Horay, Health Promotion Coordinator, Selected for CDC Workplace Wellness Training

Jason Horay, Health Promotion Coordinator for the NCMS Plan, is one of 60 professionals nationwide to be selected to become a certified Work@Health Trainer, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sponsored employer health promotion program launched last year. With this training, Jason will acquire even more knowledge and skills needed to deliver comprehensive workplace health training to NCMS Plan practices and also receive CDC funding to support the effort.

Acceptance into the train-the-trainer program is limited given that individuals must demonstrate experience with workplace wellness programs and also have sponsorship from state or local health departments, business collations, community-based health organizations or non-profit organizations. Individuals also have to have previously demonstrated knowledge of the program’s curriculum, completed the Work@Health program and have at least one year of experience in a leadership role implementing health programs.

Jason was nominated by the North Carolina Department of Health and traveled to Atlanta, GA, on May 8 to attend the training lab. Congratulations to Jason on being accepted into this training program and the value it will add to the NCMS Plan and our client practices.


About the North Carolina Medical Society

Established in 1849, the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) is devoted to representing the interests of physicians and protecting the quality of patient care as the largest physician organization in the state. The NCMS Plan, sponsored by the NCMS, is the only statewide employee benefits plan designed specifically for North Carolina physicians.

For more information about many other benefits of NCMS membership, visit http://www.ncmedsoc.org/.